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(Credit: Dick Thomas Johnson)


Samuel L. Jackson names his favourite Quentin Tarantino film

Over the courses of their respective illustrious careers, Quentin Tarantino and Samuel L. Jackson have worked together on several major projects like Pulp Fiction and Django Unchained among many others. As a result, the two have developed special artistic chemistry that transcends the professional realm and is actually quite sublime.

Jackson has appeared in well-respected cult classics as well as blockbuster productions like Marvel’s The Avengers. He has worked with skilled filmmakers other than Tarantino, including the likes of Spike Lee and Steven Spielberg. However, the films in Tarantino’s oeuvre remains close to the actor’s heart — especially the ones where he delivered his powerhouse performances.

In an interview, Jackson maintained that the commercial aspect of the industry was important and that the audience is always the most crucial element. He said: “We’re entertainers, and these are the people that are actually the lifeblood of the movie business, these are the guys that fill up the theatres on Saturday and Friday night and make sure that those box office(s) ring and that we’re able to do a sequel.”

“I dig watching myself work,” Jackson has always told reporters who asked whether he revisited his films. “Some actors lie to you about that,” Jackson said. “They watch their movies. It’s a ‘watch me’ business… If I’m channel surfing and I haven’t found anything I want to watch, or not specifically looking for something, and I pass something I’m in, I stop and watch it.” Since he has openly admitted that he likes his own artistic output, Jackson is often asked about his favourite picks.

When he was questioned regarding his favourite role in a Tarantino film, Jackson chose his outstanding performance in Django Unchained as a house slave: “I love fucking Stephen…I mean, the dude ran that fucking plantation. Candyland was his fucking plantation… Dude’s writing the bills. [Stephen is] making sure the crops get planted. He’s making sure the slaves get sold. He runs that place.”

However, Django Unchained isn’t Jackson’s favourite film made by Tarantino. If you’re trying to guess, it’s not Pulp Fiction either. Instead, the actor surprised fans by citing Tarantino’s 1997 crime drama Jackie Brown as his favourite Tarantino film as well as one of his favourite cinematic masterpieces of all time.

While talking about his connection with Tarantino, Jackson revealed that their creative partnership is much more efficient and organic than is usual. The actor said: “There’s just something very natural in our connection in terms of his art and my talent that mesh in a beautiful and wonderful and creative, joyous, ecstatic, orgasmic kinda way.”