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Samuel L. Jackson was almost cast in 'Kill Bill'

Quentin Tarantino is a proud practitioner of arthouse action cinema, and his definitive statement remains the Kill Bill franchise. Incorporating genre elements from various sources ranging from grindhouse flicks to samurai films, Kill Bill captured the public imagination like few others have since then.

The acclaimed filmmaker recently announced that he would create one final project before he retired from the world of cinema. While some fans have dug up past interviews in which Tarantino claimed that he wanted to direct a Star Trek film, the director himself has entertained the idea of making a Kill Bill 3.

At one point, the rumours gained so much traction that big names such as Maya Hawke and Zendaya started being associated with the potential production. Although those rumours are still alive, there is a lot of ambiguity about Tarantino’s final film because the director is not sure about it either.

Actors are naturally interested in working with talented directors, and this film will be the final opportunity for many to star in a Tarantino project. In Samuel L. Jackson’s case, the actor has collaborated with Tarantino more than any other star, but he would not pass up the chance to work with him one last time.

Jackson has been linked with Tarantino since the beginning of his directorial journey. While he had unsuccessfully auditioned for Tarantino’s debut feature Reservoir Dogs, Jackson went on to make history with his iconic performance in a masterpiece that would define the ’90s like no other – Pulp Fiction.

According to the director, he had written a part for Samuel L. Jackson in Kill Bill, but he changed it later because he knew that Jackson would not be an appropriate fit. The actor eventually became a part of the Kill Bill series when he got the role of Rufus in the critically acclaimed 2004 sequel to the first film.

In an interview, Tarantino said: “I definitely often write for Sam Jackson. I know his rhythms. I feel like he can turn my lines into poetry. In fact, the character of Bill in Kill Bill, when I first put pen to paper, was Sam Jackson. And finally, I had to stop it. I knew I didn’t want to cast Sam Jackson as Bill. So I had to mess with the process.”

On multiple occasions, Jackson has also claimed that his connection with Tarantino is “beautiful and wonderful and creative, joyous, ecstatic [and] orgasmic”. Although nothing is clear at this point, fans can only hope that Tarantino and Jackson will reunite for the director’s final project before they part ways.

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