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Sammy Slabbinck releases new video for Leonard Cohen’s 'Traveling Light'


Leonard Cohen’s son, Adam, has collaborated with Sammy Slabbinck to release unseen footage in a new video for ‘Traveling Light’.

Slabbinck, who previously collaborated with Cohen for the excellent You Want It Darker LP which was released in 2016, opens the film in conversation with the late Cohen who is discussing his health.

“I feel a lot stronger, but I’m actually a lot weaker,” Cohen jokingly says to the camera while smoking a cigarette. “I wake up in my bed and I feel like, ‘That’s how I used to feel.’ Not exactly but, you know. And then I swing my legs off the bed and I try to stand up!”

Cohen died last November at the age of 82, less than a month after releasing You Want It Darker.

“As a lifelong fan myself I created a memorial video to commemorate the man ‘who was born with the gift of a golden voice,'” Slabbinck wrote in a Facebook post.

Watch the ‘Traveling Light’ video here: