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(Credit: Pixar)


Same-sex kiss has been restored to new Pixar film 'Lightyear'

Pixar has been working on a prequel for one of Toy Story’s most iconic characters for a while now. Revolving around the life and adventures of Buzz Lightyear, the upcoming film will cover the origin story of the beloved toy astronaut and reports have confirmed that the film has already been scheduled for a release later this summer.

According to Variety, the original screenplay for the film explored a romantic relationship between two female characters and also featured a kiss scene. However, it was apparently removed from one of the final cuts of the film. Now, it has been restored after a continued public backlash against Disney.

This backlash has been worsened by Disney’s silence on the Parental Rights in Education bill (known as the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill) in Florida which prohibits educational institutions from spreading awareness about sexual orientation and gender identities among students who are under the age of nine. This bill has been criticised by many concerned citizens and has been denounced by the White House because it targets “vulnerable” children.

Pixar employees penned an open letter to the company while calling out their neutrality as well as their censorship of LGBTQ+ content. Addressing the situation, Disney CEO Bob Chapek said that “corporate statements do very little to change outcomes or minds. Simply put, they can be counterproductive and undermine more effective ways to achieve change.”

Chapek also apologised for the company’s silence: “Speaking to you, reading your messages, and meeting with you have helped me better understand how painful our silence was. It is clear that this is not just an issue about a bill in Florida, but instead yet another challenge to basic human rights. You needed me to be a stronger ally in the fight for equal rights and I let you down. I am sorry.”

Watch the new trailer for Lightyear below.