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Sam Fender shares 'Leave First' video


If you’re not yet aware of Sam Fender it’s about time to make a change. The young artist is managing to not only make great indie-pop songs but with each one holding a strong social message, he is achieving acclaim far beyond his years.

The latest track to come out of the Fender camp is ‘Leave Firs’t a gently humming track about the fears and concerns that constantly surround you when living in suburbia. Sam himself is from a fairly rough seaside town and the claustrophobia he felt is expertly expressed on this track.

That’s what this video portrays – you’ll forever see that same sense of downbeat emptiness and isolation across hundreds of towns in Britain, and how the young long to get out or they’ll ultimately end up staying there forever.

Take a look below and get to know Sam Fender before he starts headlining everywhere.