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Sam Fender reveals the actor he would want to play him in a biopic


Inspired by recent big-budget music biopics such as Rocketman, Bohemian Rhapsody and Elvis, Sam Fender has revealed who he wants to play him in a future movie about the young Geordie musician. 

Speaking to British media about who, in a dream world, he would want to play him in the biopic (that is not *currently* in the works), Fender remarked that the person would likely be very different to how the production company would cast his role. 

“I’d want that kid who stars in American Horror Story, Evan Peters. That’s who I would want to play me, but I’m not that cool or sexy,” the indie-rock singer of such hits as ‘Seventeen Going Under’ and ‘Hypersonic Missiles’ stated, adding: “I’d want him playing me because he’s got that kind of dead look behind his eyes”. 

Not hopeful that he would get a decent actor to portray him, however, Fender further exclaims: “In reality, they’d probably get Michael Cera,” referencing the lanky American actor and star of such films as Superbad, Juno and Molly’s Game.

On Thursday, July 14th, Fender released a brand new track titled ‘Alright’, a brooding track that fits in with the tone of his previous album; the song was lifted from the recording session for Seventeen Going Under, released in 2021.

Take a listen to the new track from Fender, below.