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(Credit: Parufamet)


Sam Esmail's 'Metropolis' is headed for Apple TV+

Sam Esmail has developed a reputation in the world of contemporary television for making some of the most cinematic shows out there. His recent project Homecoming – a psychological thriller – starred the likes of Bobby Cannavale and Julia Roberts and it managed to get nominated for multiple prestigious accolades including Golden Globe bids.

However, the most prominent work by Sam Esmail remains his magnum opus Mr. Robot which featured Rami Malek as an exceptionally talented hacker who decides to wage a cyber war against the dominant structures of power. An excellent critique of modern America wrapped up in the engaging genre frameworks of sci-fi and psychological thrillers, Mr. Robot was one of the best shows of the last decade.

It ended up becoming a critically acclaimed gem and cemented Esmail’s status as a top TV visionary. Esmail proved that he was capable of constructing a singular vision that was layered with atmospheric schizophrenia and political messaging. Now, he is looking to move on to a brand new project in order to continue his run.

According to the latest reports, Esmail is currently working on a new TV series will be based on Fritz Lang’s 1927 sci-fi masterpiece Metropolis which has played a vital part in the evolution of the cinematic art form and has inspired countless artists over the last century or so. An early apotheosis of the genre, Metropolis is a shining example of the pioneering sensibilities of Lang.

Esmail will take complete creative control of this new project and will work as the director, writer, producer as well as the show-runner for Metropolis. While reports of him adapting Lang’s work had been circulated back in 2016, there are finally confirmations that the new Metropolis TV show will be a reality since Apple has acquired it.