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(Credit: Columbia Records)


Sally Grossman, icon of Bob Dylan cover art, has died aged 81


Sally Grossman, the wife of Bob Dylan’s former manager Albert Grossman and the icon behind the covert art for his masterful 1965 album Bring It All Home, has died aged 81.

Grossman’s niece, Anna Buehler, confirmed the sad news to Rolling Stone Magazine, stating that she died in her sleep at home in Woodstock, New York, on March the 10th.

Sally Grossman was a well-known presence within the music industry of the 1960s. Along with her husband Albert, she helped manage seminal acts like Janis Joplin and The Band rise to prominence. 

Outside of the industry, however, she was less well known and thus she represented somewhat of an enigma when her regal posed worked its way onto Bob Dylan’s Bring It All Back Home LP in 1965. Dylan and Grossman remained friends thereafter. 

Since her husband’s death in 1986, Sally Grossman had been overseeing the management of the legendary Bearsville studio and record label, that the couple founded together back in 1970. 

Author Neil Gaiman led the tributes for the much-loved music figure as he took to Twitter to state, “I’m sad to hear that Sally Grossman has passed away. She was funny, salty, sometimes grumpy (but I think she liked me) a smart businesswoman and a fount of stories. No more lunches at the Little Bear. The couch (her wedding present from Mary Travers) is empty now.”

It was a sentiment matched by many others who simply couldn’t imagine the iconic album cover without her.