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(Credit: Salem)


Salem release new video for 'DRACULADS'


What’s the consensus on portmanteaus in pop culture? It’s an annoying habit of the human race that we just love stringing two words together to make a new one, whether they make sense or not, but you can get away with it if the end result is good, or goofy, enough to excuse the grammatical butchering. Animaniacs, Sharknado, and Hamburglar work well; Brexit, rockumentary, and literotica are affronts to the English language.

At least Salem have kept the combination relatively simple on their latest track, ‘DRACULADS’. The title serves its intended purpose by accurately describing the sound of the band and the content of the song without being the most moronic phrase ever conceived. I know, I know. “Well, duh! Isn’t that what titles are for?” Yeah, but when stupid phrases like Zombeavers exist in our vernacular, you have to have a line of demarcation for the amount of idiocy you can handle. 

The band shouldn’t be confused with the American “witch house” group of the same name, or the Israeli metal band of the same name, or the power rock band from Hull of the same name. When you’re making goth-indebted music, apparently the cultural capital of witch burning is a popular reference point. Go figure.

This Salem is Will Gould of Creeper and Matt Reynolds of Howard’s Alias. Their first self-titled EP was released last year and has some awesome goth punk that positions them as the direct descendants of the Misfits. ‘DRACULADS’ is the first taste of their upcoming EP Salem II. It seems like they used all their creative energy on the songs instead of the album titles. No matter, this band is still infectiously catchy, and if you happen to be the rare skateboarding goth out there, Salem is the band you’ve been waiting for to grind the gnar decked out in black lace.

Check out the video for ‘DRACULADS’ down below. Salem II is set for a May 7th release.