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Sadiq Khan announces plan to save London's music venues


London Mayor Sadiq Khan has announced plans to try to reduce the number of music venues being forced to close due to residential developers. Hopefully music venues will enjoy this small piece of good news.

Recently we have seen music venues forced in to closure due to noise complaints. The pattern goes: music venue starts, creates a vibrant part of the country, housing development want a piece of the action and so develop housing solutions around the area. Here’s where the problem starts, new homeowners are not keen on loud music being played throughout the night so make noise complaints, after a certain number of these complaints the council either charges the venue to sound proof further or the venue closes. It is as simple and as sad as that.

Mr Khan is hoping to change this with his ‘London Plan’ where he will ensure that the residential developers will have to foot the bill to sound proof their building properly to protect against any pre-existing pubs, clubs and venues. This comes alongside a lot of other changes to protect cultural landmarks within the capital.

”Pubs across the capital are often at the heart of our communities or of historic value and should be protected by local authorities in order to protect the capital’s unique character,” said Mr Khan. “That’s why I’ve set out measures in my draft London Plan to protect pubs against redevelopment, ensure they can co-exist peacefully with nearby residential properties and ensure that councils across the capital recognise their importance to the city’s cultural fabric.”

With venues across the nation being affected (Bussey Building, Night and Day Cafe and many more), we hope this can be sped up and moved through as law ASAP.

Here’s the most London song we could think of to celebrate.