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(Credit: Dick Thomas Johnson)


Watch the trailer for Ryan Reynolds' new Wrexham documentary series

Ryan Reynolds has become an indispensable part of popular culture through iconic roles such as Deadpool, among others. The actor had a busy 2021, starring in high-profile projects such as Free Guy, where he played the role of an NPC (non-playable character) in a video game who suddenly experiences freedom from the algorithms that confine him.

While Free Guy garnered acclaim from fans, his Netflix thriller Red Notice was dismissed by audiences and critics as formulaic garbage. The same year, Reynolds had also announced that he was going on a sabbatical due to personal issues, and he wanted to take a step back from the busy schedules of productions.

Reynolds opened up about his struggle with anxiety in an interview, stating: “I’ve had anxiety my whole life really. And you know, I feel like I have two parts of my personality, that one takes over when that happens. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, but anxiety is also a great fuel. I mean, my God, it’s the anti-complacency pill, but it’s also something that you need to manage.”

Now, Reynolds is back with a new project titled Welcome to Wrexham, which is going to be a documentary series. It will explore the takeover of Wrexham football club by Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, who acquired the club in 2020, following their football education and their experiences managing a club.

Starting from the beginning, the documentary will follow their journey as they familiarise themselves with the unique atmosphere of a football club and everything that is associated with it. According to the reports, the series will be available for streaming on Disney+ and will be released on August 25th in the UK.

Watch the trailer below.