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Ryan Moutinho describes life after Thee Oh Sees and hails 'God-like' Mac Demarco


Ryan Moutinho describes life after Thee Oh Sees and hails 'God-like' Mac Demarco


Ryan Moutinho, formerly one half of the drumming duo in the emphatic Thee Oh Sees, has discussed his life three months after leaving the band.

Moutinho, who departed from the band two days prior to the release of new record An Odd Entrances, is focusing on writing his own music and forging a muse and creative spark more satisfying to his inner artistic desires.

“Yeah, it’s been three months. Well, it feels like it’s been a year; a lot of time has gone by,” Moutinho told The Reprise. “I’ve been working a lot; writing every day. I’m not really playing with anybody right now. I’m still drumming, playing guitar and doing everything that I always do, but I’m taking a small break from committing to anything too intense. I just want to sit and hash out all of the ideas I’ve had in my head over the last four to five years of being in touring bands.

“Before Thee Oh Sees, [I was in] Meatbodies, and I just took the role of ‘drummer’, you know? And that’s cool, I love playing the drums, but I felt that beyond the drumming aspect, I wasn’t really able to get out what I needed to creatively, because everybody’s project was already formed. It was their project, and who am I to come in and start trying to change something that works perfectly well? So I’ve decided to take the time to just sit and write, and work on that.

“I want to hone in on that craft, be able to have my own songs, and do my own project. I’m kind of holding up right now, trying to come up with a solid body of material to start a project.”

During the same interview Moutinho was reminded how the people’s goofball Mac DeMarco, who once invited Meatbodies to tour with his band, was caught crowdsurfing to single ‘Web’ – a move that didn’t surprise the former Thee Oh Sees drummer who was full of praise for DeMarco’s work ethic.

“Honestly, I would take the time out of any conversation I have with anybody to outwardly say that I really, really think that Mac DeMarco is the quintessential ‘Tour God’ to me,’ Moutinho added.

“Not in the way that his music, band, or tour ethics are better, but I remember going on tour with Mac, with Meatbodies, and having such a nice time with him. I really think he’s a great, great, great person, and he deserves everything he’s getting right now with his music.“He’s worked super hard, and he’s a genuine, down-to-earth, great human being. I’ve never seen anybody help touring bands the way that Mac did, and I’m sure he still does. He’s an outstanding person, man.

“He wouldn’t go a night without making sure that everybody had somewhere to sleep, and he would [make sure that he stayed in the same place as] all the touring bands. He really is just an outstanding human.

“I love Mac DeMarco, and I remember him crowd surfing to ‘Web’. I remember laughing and trying not to mess up the song.”