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(Credit: Ryan Adams)

Ryan Adams' guitarist Todd Wisenbaker slams "monster" amid claims of abuse


Todd Wisenbaker, the guitarist of Ryan Adams, has condemned his bandmate amid claims of “sickening” abuse allegations.

Wisenbaker also described Adams as a “monster” and revealed that the abuse claims are longstanding. Furthermore, the guitarist praised the women who have been brave enough to come forward with their stories.

“There were times when I chose to believe his insane version of the truth because it was easier than believing that anyone is capable of being this much of monster,” Wisenbaker said in a statement released on social media.

“It’s sickening and embarrassing. I’ve recently learned that pretty much everything he’s ever told me is a lie upon a lie upon a lie. There are excuses and denials for everything.

“Some time ago I told him to get help and he asked me to him. I don’t regret and will regret trying to help someone in real need – I believe in forgiveness, redemption and recovery, but my life has become a complete shitstorm of someone else’s utter delusion.

“I didn’t want to say anything because I’m actively afraid for the safety of my family, but I do realise that I have a responsibility to speak up. The women that spoke out are brave beyond words.”