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Royal Blood share new video for 'Boilermaker'


Royal Blood, the literal drum and bass duo, have released a video for their latest single, ‘Boilermaker’.

A groovy hard rock stomp, ‘Boilermaker’ slinks and snarls like a classic rock and roll tune, dropping new gnarly riffs as they strut on by. Royal Blood was always a band driven by rhythm. It shouldn’t be a surprise considering that they are literally only the rhythm section of a traditional group, but ‘Boilermaker’ makes great use of additional sound and effects that decorate the meat and potatoes beat.

The track is produced by Queens of the Stone Age mastermind Josh Homme, and you can absolutely tell. From the production style to the distorted vocal effects and the buzzsaw bass guitar imported straight from the California desert — everything reeks of Homme. At one point, the instruments all fall off for drummer Ben Thatcher to interpolate the opening beat of the Jimi Hendrix Experience’s ‘Little Miss Lover’ almost identically.

The best compliment I can give ‘Boilermaker’ is that it sounds exactly like a Queens of the Stone Age song. The same stoner rock feeling, the same harmony blend, even a similar intonation from Mike Kerr that could be construed as an Homme impression. His influence over the tune is massive, and his work behind the mixing desk keeps the tune in a perpetually propulsive state. It’s a damn good rocker: no-frills, all aggression and swagger.

‘Boilermaker’ is the fourth track to be released from the band’s upcoming third album Typhoons. If you’re a true believer in the power of rock and roll, chances are you already know and love Royal Blood. But if this is your first introduction, rest assured: all of their material sounds like this, give or a take some flirtations with blues riffs, garage rock, and/or punk. If you didn’t know, now you do.

Check out the video for ‘Boilermaker’ down below. Typhoons will be released April 30th.