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Rough Trade New York City is heading to 30 Rock


After announcing the closure of their New York arm earlier this year, Rough Trade have now revealed their new location in the Big Apple.

The legendary branch of record stores opened up its doors for the first time in New York in 2013 and had seven successful years before deciding to move into the heart of the city over the East River in Manhattan. The new store will be located at Rockefeller Center, next to the legendary Radio City Music Hall. It’s safe to say the area is soaked in musical history.

“Following the impact of COVID-19, Rough Trade’s decision to relocate reflects a wider reimagination of cities worldwide,” says Rough Trade Co-Owner, Stephen Godfroy in a press release. “Manhattan has a glorious history of great record stores. Now there’s an exciting present as well.
“The opportunities afforded by the pandemic in the reconfiguration of central city districts have brought us, counter-intuitively, to the heart of New York, an area barren of record stores for years. But Rough Trade’s instinct has always been to surprise!”

They promise that the new premises “will be typical Rough Trade, focusing on new and limited edition vinyl, with our staff on hand to share their passion for music. Despite having a smaller footprint compared to our giant Williamsburg store, the amount of vinyl to browse in our new store will be similar, so Rough Trade NYC will continue to offer what we strive to make the finest curated selection of vinyl in the city.”

The store is to open its doors on June 1st.