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(Credit: Rosie Tucker)


Rosie Tucker announces new album and releases first single 'Habanero'


Rosie Tucker, one of the best songwriters in the United States, has just announced a new album, Sucker Supreme, and dropped the LP’s first single, ‘Habanero’.

Working again with frequent collaborator Wolfy, Tucker’s indelible mix of indie rock and hyper-literate lyricism keeps their hot streak going. It’s rare for an artist to have no duds in their discography, especially when their musical style has gone through as much evolution as Tucker’s has, but Tucker continues to defy any kind of dip in quality.

Tucker’s talent has always been in amplifying the everyday feelings of normal situations and spinning them into poetry: a laundromat meet-cute in ‘Spinster Cycle’, the dizzying rush of feelings from a dog walker in ‘Pablo Neruda’, the anxious parallels of love and California’s imminent earthquake apocalypse in ‘Fault Lines’, the trappings of the titular bug in ‘The Fly’, the conflicted unease of losing a former friend in ‘Hindsight’ and the celebrating the genius of a current friend in ‘Lauren’.

‘Habanero’ is no exception. This time, instead of a geological catastrophe or the nickels and dimes needed to kickstart a spin cycle, some spicy peppers are the metaphor of choice. “You’re so hot it’s embarrassing/I feel it in my cheeks/I say,” she sings. “This never happens to me”/This never happens but I smile while I suffer/Like a sucker supreme.”

Sucker Supreme will be Tucker’s first album since 2019’s fantastic Never Not Never Not Never Not, and it will also be their first release on Epitaph Records, the legendary California based label known for its nearly four-decade-long association with the L.A. punk scene.

Tucker announced the pair of releases on social media, saying on their Instagram: “Too many feelings to put into words here, to many link in bios to update.”

Check out the ‘Habanero’ video below. Sucker Supreme will be released on April 30th.