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Credit: Nikki Neumann


Premiere: Rooftop Gardens bring power-pop joy on 'Circles'


We’re very pleased to be premiering the latest sunshine cut from Rooftop Gardens, the brilliant ‘Circles’. It has us dreaming of orange-hued highways and the glut of rock and roll that spewed from the seventies.

We can’t lie, we’re always excited to see the latest release from label Super Fan 99. They have a habit of digging up gems from the muddy scene and their latest release is another shining example of that nous.

The latest project from Peter Maffei, Rooftop Gardens sees the guitarist open up his history books and flirt with the past. The new single, ‘Circles’ has all the golden charm of yesteryear power-pop but with a delicately modern edge. It’s an intoxicating mix.

The record will be released next Friday (February 28th) and should find it’s way on to the playlist of any fan of Big Star, Teenage Fanclub and even the knottier moments of Fleetwood Mac.

This is music to dream of your crush to, it’s music to lose your mind in, it’s just bloody great music. The single is backed by the equally heartfelt ‘Never Let Me Go’ and sees Maffei continue to find inspiration in the brighter days of rock and roll.

While looking back is all well and good, the real trick is making those nods to the past feel as fresh as daisies and what better place to find them than in Rooftop Gardens.