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(Credit: Izzie Austin)


Romero share new single 'Turn It On!'

Romero - 'Turn It On!'

Australian power poppers Romero have returned to share their latest single, ‘Turn It On!’, which is taken from their upcoming debut LP of the same name.

Featuring crashing cymbals, 1970s cowbell, and some twin lead glam rock guitars that play right into lead singer Alanna Oliver’s nasally shrieks, ‘Turn It On!’ is the kind of track where the exclamation point is extremely necessary in the title. According to Oliver, the song was inspired by a certain punk rock icon.

“I was watching a Debbie Harry documentary and one of the quotes was  ‘she just gets on stage and she turns it on’,” Oliver recalls in a press release. “As soon as I heard this I paused it and started writing. The lyrics flowed effortlessly. It was such a simple idea to channel that inner power. When I sing this song I am now a woman who knows what she wants and how to get it.”

The band are preparing to release their debut album, also entitled Turn It On!, in April. “I guess at the time of writing Turn It On! I was spending a lot of time reminiscing on some of life’s adversity,” Oliver explains. “Like my Auntie’s life that was coming to an end, some of my past lovers that are now strangers.. What’s important in life?”.

Adding: “But instead of writing from a place of loss or pain or suffering, more often than not I was writing from a place of power. It was hard not to write from that place when all of a sudden you were singing about all this stuff with four guys who you hardly knew, in a rock’n’roll dungeon in Kew. It was liberating, electrifying and I knew in my heart I was finally where I was supposed to be.”

This is glammed-up pop rock that always keeps its tongue firmly planted in its cheek. A song like ‘Turn It On!’ could very easily be its own parody, but then again the group clearly don’t give a single shit that this kind of guitar rock has both been done a million times before and is most assuredly not en vogue at the moment.

It’s goofy, wild, and fun music that isn’t afraid to come off looking stupid, and I wish more bands were willing to be as un-self conscious as Romero are. Their influences might be obvious, but their execution hits hard enough to make a strong impression anyway. ‘Turn It On!’ might not be a great song, but Romero can certainly be a great band.

Check out the video for ‘Turn It On!’ down below. Turn It On! is set to be released on April 8th.