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Rome enforces new rules to stop disgusting tourists

Rome is cracking down on disgusting tourists tainting their city and have enforced updated rules to keep its class in tact.

Given its immense popularity, Rome officials are putting an end to those tourists who feel like it is acceptable to walk around topless and bath in their historic mountains which decorate the city centre.

Furthermore, in a bid to keep the city clean, the new rules will also stop tourists from climbing, sitting or eating on the iconic monuments that attract visitors from around the globe. ‘Love Padlocks’ which are often placed on bridges will be banned with a hefty fine being handed over to the lovebirds.

Virginia Raggi, the Italian capital’s first populist major, told The Telegraph: “Rome is, and always will be, welcoming, but that does not mean tolerating bad behaviour and damage being done to our city.”

“The Rome city centre is an area protected by UNESCO, so clearly our centre is our business ticket,” Raggi later explained to AP in an interview and promised there will be “zero tolerance for those marring our city.”

Rome will not be holding back on tourists who disobey the rules and, in an unprecedented move, will enforce a 48 hour exile from the city centre if any tourists are found to break the newly adapted rules. Strong fines for bathing in the fountains will also be used.

Marco Cardilli, deputy chief of staff and security delegate at Rome’s council, added: “Old regulations have been updated to adapt to the needs of a modern society.”

“We don’t want people to take a bath, or ruin or dirty monuments anymore,” Raggi added with a renewed sense of authority. While assuring tourists will always remain welcomed in the Rome, Raggi was quick to emphasise this change of direction was to protect an honour the “beautiful monuments, nice and friendly people” of the city.