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Roman Polanski's lawyer is trying to resolve 45-year-old rape case again

Many prominent figures within the film industry have viewed Roman Polanski as a visionary, but newer generations of artists, especially in the French film industry, have protested against the fact that Polanski is still given a platform. Now, Polanski’s lawyer is attempting to resolve the 45-year-old rape case against the director once again.

According to the latest reports, the filmmaker’s lawyer – Harland Braun – is trying to renew his request to ensure that Polanski is sentenced in absentia. However, Braun claimed that judge Sam Ohta is not right for the case since the judge had initially denied the defence’s request to unseal a transcript which they had wanted to be released for 12 years.

“Ohta is worthless,” Braun lashed out. “Ohta is all screwed up. I don’t trust any judge in L.A. to listen to this.” According to Braun, the case should first be transferred to Judge Eric C. Taylor before being moved to another country. The lawyer also wants Polanski to be able to testify from France via Zoom due to Covid-19 restrictions.

The transcript in question contained the conditional examination of the deputy DA who handled the case back in 1977 – Roger Gunson. Gunson testified: “It was obvious that the judge had promised him on two occasions something that he reneged on. So understanding that scenario, I can understand why Mr. Polanski did not take the chance of going to state prison and not being recalled.”

The DA’s office released this statement in response: “We are still evaluating the contents of the transcript and have not made a final decision on any defence request, since no motion has been recently filed. We have long maintained that Mr. Polanski should surrender himself to the Los Angeles Superior Court. Any suggestion to the contrary is false.”

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