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(Credit: Jonn Leffmann)


Rolling Stones member Ronnie Wood opens up about lung cancer battle


Ronnie Wood, the iconic member of the Rolling Stones, has opened up about his battle with lung cancer.

The 72-year-old, who joined the band 1975, has been discussing the distressing period in his life when he “prepared to say goodbye” to his family while preparing for lifesaving surgery in 2017.

Wood, opening up as part of a new documentary entitled Somebody Up There Likes Me, explains how a five-hour surgery three years ago removed a tumour from his lungs. A year after the operation, in 2018, Wood announced that he was cancer free.

Wood, explaining that he was diagnosed with cancer after smoking “25 to 30 a day at least for 50-odd years”, described the feeling of defeating cancer as a “get out of jail free card”.

Speaking a preview for the new film, Wood said: “I got away with having it cut out of one lung, the cancer,” as part of the interview.

“Luckily it had just stayed there,” he added. “They said, ‘We got rid of that and while we there we got rid of the emphysema on the top lobe of your lung.’ “I went, ‘Oh great’, and they went, ‘Your lungs now are like you’d never smoked’ and I went, ‘How is that for a get out of jail free card?’”

“Somebody up there likes me, somebody down here likes me too,” Wood concluded.

See the preview below.