Watch The Rolling Stones perform ‘Harlem Shuffle’ for first time in 29 years


The Rolling Stones performed their song ‘Harlem Shuffle’ for the first time since 1990 while playing at the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.

The R&B tune, originally written and recorded by the duo Bob & Earl in 1963, was first covered by The Rolling Stones in 1986 and included as a track on their album Dirty Work. Famously, the Stones released their animated music video to accompany the song, a clip that was directed by iconic animation director Ralph Bakshi.

The band, back touring after Mick Jagger’s recent health complications, performed to a sell out crowd at the MetLife Stadium. “Has anyone crossed two rivers to get here tonight?” Jagger said to the crowd.

He added: “Anybody here from Queens? Anyone from Manhattan? Westchester? Staten Island? The Bronx? Hartford? Anyone here from New Jersey? We’re going to do a song sort of locally, vaguely, based. It’s called ‘Harlem Shuffle.’”

See the full clip, below.