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(Credit: YouTube)


The moment Bruce Springsteen joined The Rolling Stones to perform 'Tumbling Dice' in New Jersey

There aren’t many people who get a better reception than The Rolling Stones at their own show. But when you’re in New Jersey and you say the words “Welcome, Bruce Springsteen!”, chances are you will quickly become the secondary act.

Springsteen is a child of the Garden State and New Jersey loves him more than any other artist. So when The Rolling Stones welcomed a guest to perform during their mini 2012 tour, they saw out the year with a wonderful show packed full of stars.

The tour was in celebration of the band’s 50th year as a group and was an all-star affair. It welcomed both a host of incredible performers and a paying audience like no other as it was shown on pay-per-view. As well as the starring guest performers there was also a return for guitarist Mick Taylor who shared a few special moments with his former band.

While Springsteen was brought on to sing ‘Tumbling Dice,’ there were some other huge stars on the bill too. Pop princess, Lady Gaga taking the legendary female vocal part on ‘Gimme Shelter,’ and Akron, Ohio’s own Black Keys joining in to help tear through ‘Who Do You Love?’

While those performances were all well and good, nobody on the night got a cheer like Springsteen. As Mick Jagger says in the clip: “You know, some of the guests we’ve had, they’ve come thousands of miles. They’ve flown from Moscow, Los Angeles, Saskatoon and God knows where else.” With a wry smile he continues, “But our next guest, he just had to walk here. So, we’d like to introduce to you, Jersey’s very own, Bruce Springsteen!”

Rapturous applause naturally follows as Springsteen runs on stage with his Telecaster around his neck and begins to join in with the band as they launch into the 1972 classic, ‘Tumbling Dice’. The song remains a clear favourite for the fans and Springsteen too.

It’s just one of the reasons why the Stones are so incredibly legendary. This song, originally written as ‘Good Time Woman’ deserves all the love it has rightly received over the years. Despite Jimmy Miller taking over from Charlie Watts for a period of the track, the song is a remnant of the Sticky Fingers sessions and is full of the same attitude. It’s a stonewall classic.

Clearly The Boss agrees and gives a rollicking performance alongside the Stones and a night to remember for everybody in New Jersey who saw it. Watch Springsteen and The Rolling Stones sing ‘Tumbling Dice’ below: