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(Credit: Pete Ryle)


Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever share new song ‘Tidal River’

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - 'Tidal River'

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever have shared their new single ‘Tidal River’. The single comes following ‘The Way It Shatters’, the first single from the group’s upcoming album Endless Rooms, which is set for its release on May 6th.

The latest singles bring much excitement ahead of the new album and show the group at a new level of maturity with their zeitgeisty guitar-driven indie bliss.

The Australian group take a look at the current state of society in their home country. As a country that often self-proclaims itself as the “lucky country”, the group highlight Australia’s contradictory history of injustice and ignorance towards the environment.

They sing: “Jetski over the pale reef / chase the pill for some relief / as long as you don’t point out / what’s underneath your feet.”

The erudite and considered lyrics give the listener much to think about while entertaining with an ocean of alt-punk sound reminiscent of early Talking Heads with a unique vocal twist.

As the band themselves put it: “‘Tidal River’ is a little snapshot of living in a place at a time when it feels like there is no-one at the wheel. If there were a complacency Olympics, Australia would win gold by a mile. In the ‘lucky country’, the luckiest ones jealously guard their fortune, as if it will disappear if they share it around. There is so much potential to do better, but it sometimes seems like progress is two steps forward, two steps back.”

“‘Tidal River’ is located in what Europeans named Wilsons Promontory, where the river meets the ocean. It has great significance for the Gunai/Kurnai and Boonwurrung peoples, who call it Yiruk and Wamoon respectively. No matter the struggles and politics that go on, the river keeps churning into the sea.”

Listen to the energetic ‘Tidal River’ below.