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(Credit: Andrés Ibarra)


Roger Waters performs Pink Floyd classic 'Two Suns In The Sunset' from isolation

Pink Floyd founding member, Roger Waters, has continued his series of online performances from isolation with a version of Floyd’s classic ‘Two Suns In The Sunset’.

Waters has often been the champion of environmental and humanitarian causes and chose to use the performance to once again share his message, this time with quite an ominous outlook.

‘Two Suns In The Sunset’ is the closing song from Pink Floyd’s iconic 1983 record, The Final Cut. Another one of the Floyd’s impeccable concept albums, the record was the final one to feature Roger Waters as a band member.

“We’re at one hundred seconds to midnight on the doomsday clock,” wrote Waters as part of his message. “This is the closest the Human Race has ever been to nuclear catastrophe.”

“That we allow Nuclear Weapons to exist in a world controlled by deranged sociopaths is, in itself, a deranged arrangement,” Waters suggested in the video’s description.

“We are many they are few. We could just say no, to the whole MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) insanity. It makes zero sense and is potentially omnicidal.”

Watch Roger Waters perform the Pink Floyd song ‘Two Suns In The Sunset’ from lockdown.