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(Credit: Jim Summaria)


Rod Stewart reveals why he didn’t appear at Live Aid


When the stars of the 1980s aligned for the iconic ‘where were you moment’ of Live Aid, Rod Stewart was a notable big-name omission of the era. He has now revealed why he was absent from the event. 

Everyone from Queen and Madonna to David Bowie and Paul McCartney were present at the 16-hour shows in 1985 held at both London and Philadelphia, however, despite having huge hits circulating, Rod Stewart didn’t perform. 

Although he currently had Some Guys Have All the Luck charting globally, the story until now had been that he couldn’t get a band together in time for the show. This left many people questioning whether something else was going on.

Recently he cleared the matter up in a BBC interview. “We actually were supposed to do it,” he told them, “but a few guys in the band told me that our ex-manager turned it down because I wasn’t getting the right news coverage.”

Adding: “He only wanted me to do it if I got on the CBS News at 10 o’clock. He said, ‘If not, he’s not doing it.’ And that’s not what it was all about. It was to raise money for kids. It wasn’t about what news channel you were going to be on in America.”

He later confirmed that the reason this story remained secret for so long was because he was unaware of the truth himself. “I only just found this out. I thought it was weird that I didn’t do it,” he concluded.