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Rarely seen photos from behind-the-scenes of 'The Rocky Horror Picture Show'

The Rocky Horror Show, a musical and book created by Richard O’Brien, is etched into cult folklore and toured the world to applause. It gained cultural acclaim with its wondrous costuming and catchy songs.

O’Brien, who originally created the show in tribute to the science fiction and horror B movies of the late 1940s through to the early 1970s, ended up taking the film to the big screen with Jim Sharman’s film The Rocky Horror Picture Show as the cult fanbase continued to grow.

One of those mega fans, Brady Marter, just so happened to stumble across a package of never seen before polaroid images from the show while travelling home from Manhattan, New York. He said, “Found these on the platform of the C train in TriBeCa in 2011,” he explained.

“They are photos of Tim Curry and the cast of the Rocky Horror film (1975) during the making of the film. Some have writing on the back and Frankenfurter kissed the back of one,” for a film with such a devoted fan base, this was major news.

It just so happened that the images Marter had found belonged to another Rocky Horror superfan named Larry Viezel. Viezel, a collector of all Rocky Horror memorabilia, bought the images from a source in New Mexico and accidentally left them on the train.

“These were part of a collection I bought from someone in New Mexico,” he explained. “These were used in making The Rocky Horror Scrapbook. I had it shipped to my office (I worked on the corner of Hudson and Canal) and was taking them home. A bunch fell out of my bag and I picked them up.”

He continued: “When I got home I realised I missed one. Looks like I missed more than one! If it’s any proof, I’d be happy to show you the rest of the collection.”

Thankfully though, Marter was able to return the images to their rightful owner and contacted Viezel in order to hand back the images: “The guy that found them was working just a few blocks away from where I was working in Manhattan at the time on Hudson Street when I lost them,” he explained to Dangerous Minds.

“But he had since moved to the south. He was very gracious and returned them. I was incredibly grateful. He asked if he could keep one of them – the photo of the model of the church. I was happy to oblige. The photos are now back with the rest of my collection. I am very happy to have them back!”

So are we. Since its inception the story of The Rocky Horror Picture Show it has been impossible to satisfy their gluttony for more memorabilia. The show’s power lives on stronger than ever to this day.

Here they are:

(Images via Collectors Weekly)