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The rock band that taught Javier Bardem how to speak English

Javier Bardem has enjoyed a phenomenal career as a top actor, collaborating with some of the greatest pioneers in the world. Over the course of his trailblazing trajectory in the world of modern cinema, Bardem delivered powerful performances while working with immensely talented filmmakers such as the Coen brothers and Terrence Malick among many others.

Born in Spain’s Canary Islands, Bardem’s family had been linked to the world of acting and directing for generations. Some of his ancestors were active in the filmmaking industry during the very beginnings of cinema in Spain while his own mother – Pilar Bardem – was an actress who raised him and his siblings on her own.

Due to all these connections, Bardem grew up on production sets for film and television shows during his formative years and even made his first appearance in a film at the tender age of six. However, he didn’t really want to follow in the footsteps of his other family members because he loved painting much more than the cinematic medium.

In later interviews, Bardem claimed that he was forced to take up acting jobs to support his career as a painter but he soon realised that he didn’t have the talent to become a respected artist. The same cannot be said for his acting work because he started turning heads even in those early films, especially projects such as Jamón Jamón.

Bardem caught the attention of international directors as well, eventually getting the opportunity to act in popular gems such as No Country for Old Men and entered the James Bond universe by starring in Skyfall. In recent years, Bardem has worked with modern masters like Asghar Farhadi and Denis Villeneuve. Bardem recently managed to grab an Oscar nomination for Best Actor for his starring turn in Being the Ricardos.

On multiple occasions, Bardem has insisted that he learnt English while growing up due to his love for heavy metal and rock. “I love hard rock, and I love heavy metal,” Bardem claimed in an interview. According to the actor, the energy associated with that music drives him forward: “It’s always been something I’ve been drinking from, the energy of metal.”

The band that taught Bardem how to speak English in a lot of ways was none other than AC/DC. The band taught him how to swear in English as well: “I’m always saying that I know how to curse very well because I learn English listening to AC/DC.” Bardem’s love for AC/DC has never been a secret and he even confessed that he was brought to tears when he finally met them for the first time.