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Credit: YouTube


Relive Robin Williams heartwarming behind-the-scenes footage of 'Aladdin' from 1992


Remembering the loss of Robin Williams is always a very difficult thing to do. The actor represented so many childhood memories for so many people that his warm and genial expressions will always leave us spellbound.

The shock of Williams’ death came from his perceived happy-go-lucky attitude. As entangled in the lives around him as he was his work, Williams always offered himself up as the consummate professional, committing more than anyone else on set.

Below, we’re looking at some behind the scenes footage of him voicing his iconic role as the Genie in Disney’s Aladdin.

The role of Genie allowed Williams’ ability to jump from character to hilarious character a realistic proposition for a film, as the magical mystic provided wishes and laughs in unequal measure. While there are only ever three wishes on offer, the actor’s mercurial demeanour and effervescent energy ensured comedy triumphs in most of his films.

However, it wasn’t just comedy that Williams provided on-screen, as producer John Musker revealed: “That was what was really cool about Robin, is he would invest in the emotional things as well as the gags.”

Investing in the role is something Williams has always done. No matter the character he was playing—be it, Mrs. Doubtfire or Peter Pan—the actor threw every single muscle into his work. On 1992’s Aladdin, with the vehicle the Genie provided, Williams perhaps reached his peak.

Saying he brings the character to life is an understatement—Williams is the Genie. Embodying the role in every essence, the behind-the-scenes footage allows us some extra insight into how Willaims worked.

Beyond giving himself physically to the role he also challenged himself emotionally, connecting with the story and providing both poignant and hilarious moments throughout the film. It brings a smile to our face to watch Williams in one of his happiest periods.

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