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Credit: YouTube


Robert Plant covers Bob Dylan song 'One More Cup of Coffee'


The sound of Robert Plant and Bob Dylan were a stark contrast when Led Zeppelin burst onto the scene in the late 1960s but, as time has gone on, the singer has allowed his love of Dylan to influence his work greatly. This cover of ‘One More Cup of Coffee’ is a gorgeous bluesy re-working of the 1976 classic that featured on Plant’s 2002 album Dreamland — which even the hard-to-please Dylan can surely appreciate.

Admittedly, the two musicians have somewhat of a chequered history. Their relationship was very much a one-way street at the beginning of their association, with Plant’s love for his icon not being reciprocated in the slightest. According to legend, when the group’s manager Peter Grant tried to introduce himself to Dylan when their stars aligned in LA in 1974 with the fateful line, “Hello Bob. I’m Peter Grant, I manage Led Zeppelin,” which was met with this brutal response from Dylan, “Do I come to you with my problems?”.

Perhaps this was just Dylan being facetious because the duo have now enjoyed a series of meetings over the decades that have followed and, although they might not be the closest of friends, there is certainly no bad blood between them.

Reliving one specific encounter, Plant provided Dylan with the energy to carry on going: “‘Hey, man, you never stop!‘” He once revealed to Classic Rock. “He looked at me, smiled and said, ‘What’s to stop for?’ But I couldn’t ask him about his songs, because as much as I’ve been affected by his work you can’t talk about it. My work is not anywhere near as profound in what it’s trying to do.”

His cover of ‘One More Cup of Coffee’ gives the track a darker and more sinister feel to it than Dylan’s original thanks to his gravelly voice which works a charm on this impeccable number. What makes this an exceptional cover is that he hasn’t tried to emulate Dylan and instead attempted to gives a fresh angle on the track — which makes it one of the definitive Dylan covers.

Check it out, below.