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Robert Plant and Alison Krauss reunite for new album


English rock god Robert Plant and American bluegrass star Alison Krauss have reunited to announce a new duets album, Raise The Roof.

The somewhat-unlikely pair took the music industry by surprise in 2007 when their album collaborative album Raising Sand won five Grammys, including Album of the Year, and went platinum in both the US and UK. It took 14 years, but the duo has decided to reunite to see if they can catch lightning in a bottle once again.

Like Raising Sand, Raise the Roof is set to be a covers album with a single Robert Plant writing contribution. Raising Sand has the Page and Plant song ‘Please Read the Letter’, while Raise the Roof will feature a new composition titled ‘High and Lonesome’ written by Plant and T Bone Burnett, producer of the original collaboration who has returned to work on its sequel.

Part of the announcement also came with the release of the upcoming album’s first single, ‘Can’t Let Go’, and Randy Weeks best known for its cover by Lucinda Williams. The Plant and Krauss version is everything you’d hope from their pair: close harmonies played against amicable blues rock with plenty of elements of country and old school hillbilly rock and roll.

“We wanted it to move,” Krauss says in a press release. “We brought other people in, other personalities within the band, and coming back together again in the studio brought a new intimacy to the harmonies.”

“You hear something and you go ‘Man, listen to that song, we got to sing that song!'” Plant says in a statement. “It’s a vacation, really — the perfect place to go that you least expected to find.”

Check out the audio for ‘Can’t Let Go’, plus the tracklisting for Raise the Roof, down below. Raise the Roof is set for a November 19 release.

Raise the Roof tracklist:

1. ‘Quattro (World Drifts In)’
2. ‘The Price Of Love’
3. ‘Go Your Way’
4. ‘Trouble With My Lover’
5. Searching for My Love’
6. ‘Can’t Let Go’
7. ‘It Don’t Bother Me’
8. ‘You Led Me To The Wrong’
9. ‘Last Kind Words Blues’
10. ‘High And Lonesome’
11. ‘Going Where The Lonely Go’
12. ‘Somebody Was Watching Over Me’