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Robert Paul Corless on Volume Twenty Six: A Far Out Interview

It’s a new year and that means new and exciting projects for our favourite Far Out associate Robert Paul Corless – the experimental Mancunian producer who refuses to ever rest upon his laurels.

With that in mind, Eromeda Records has released his new double album, Volume Twenty Six. The lead double A-side single ‘Epistemological / The Death Of A Good Man’ is out now.

Far Out met back up with Robert to chat about flooded studios, creative control and why the live circuit is rarely of interest…

What have you been up to since our last chat?

I came back last year after some time away writing… To a flood in my studio.

So that was it, we had to start again. We got hold of new equipment and I got set up somewhere different and began writing again.

Was that intimidating, being back at square one? Or did the new stuff come easy?

I got ten songs with a drone and the idea was to collaborate with two guys from a group called One Pop – Liam Banville and Robert Thompson. Then we put bass down with Andrew Saunderson and I decided to put some drums on after.

I got in Tim Walsh Jr from The Evil Poor and Jack Wakeman. It developed from there. But then while this is going on, I’m already writing another album. It was gonna be one, and then the other, but it’s ended up as a double album. The only difference was Tim did the guitars on the second one.

I approached the label with it. I originally said let’s release the second a few months later, then the label said they wanted to do it as a double.

‘Epistemological’ is the first half of Robert’s new double A-side single.

So you’re enjoying these more expansive projects? You basically can’t stop writing!

Yeah I am, it’s just how it’s working out at the minute. Keeps me busy. What is it? Idle hands do the devil’s work? Something like that. I’m fortunate to have support in the right ways too. Butterfly Music Co. and the label just leave me alone to go off and do whatever the fuck I want to do, without too much interaction. The only thing they’ve added is to release it as a double album.

And I agreed because I’m always trying to move onto the next thing. It keeps it fresh and excites me.

And is that next, next thing already in the pipeline then? Can we expect more later in the year?

I’m looking forward to this year just to get back to the writing. I’ve recorded some vocals with a Mancunian poet called Mike Duff. The plans are already in my head. And there’s a new Gabrielles Wish record.

I just finished mixing Joshua Ben Joseph’s album too, and it’s sounding great, I’m really pleased with that [read our interview with Joshua here].

‘The Death of a Good Man’ forms the second half of Robert’s new single.’

And you’re still not too bothered about the live stuff?

No, not really, but I’ve been asked. When am I supposed to do that, writing all these records? No I’ve been thinking at the end of the year I might go out and do some of my solo stuff live for the first time. I’d have to think about the setup there.

But it has to come naturally rather than pushing it. And as I’m an old cunt, I like sitting in my studio with my slippers and my pipe. I’ve done all that shit with Gabriells Wish.

I’m just content with the support. Success to me is coming up with the idea, making it come to fruition and getting it out there. I don’t give a fuck after that, I just move on.

Robert Paul Corless’ new double album, Volume Twenty Six, is out now via Eromeda Records. The double A-side single
‘Epistemological / The Death Of A Good Man’ is available to download and stream via all major platforms.