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Robert Paul Corless on making seven albums in three months


Over the past couple of years, Far Out have sat down several times with one of the most prolific underground producers in the UK right now. Robert Paul Corless has always had his core base in Manchester, but often travels the world to cultivate fresh inspiration for his unapologetically experimental music.

Earlier this year, he spent three months locked away in the Andalucia region of southern Spain – writing and recording with (by his own admission) a ‘boot camp’-like mentality.

The fruits of this labour bore not one, not two, but SEVEN albums. The first of these, Volume 27 landed Monday October 7th. We sat down with Robert to discuss why his thirst for creation only appears to be accelerating.

So it seems you hit a rich vein of form during these three months in Spain?

Yes, I was working at El Estudio Perplexo in Andalucia – it’s a fantastic little studio. While I was there I made seven albums. The first of these will be Volume 27, out October 7th – and then I’ll be releasing one every month after that. So brace yourselves!

On top of that, I’ll also be releasing 12 videos to go with them, every Monday for 12 weeks. Do you reckon I could get any more in there? Not sure it’s enough!

Knowing you, we’re sure you could get another project going in the meantime?

Oh yeah, then I start my new cooking show, then a programme on how to make a bed… You can probably tell I’m taking the piss now!

Most people would struggle to keep their discipline in such a nice part of the world, how did you manage it?

I went out to Spain and basically just turned it into being in a boot camp. Up at 6.30am every morning, then I’d switch all the equipment off at 9.30pm at night. I only had three days off doing that in three months. So that’s where you get seven albums from!

Robert pictured back in his native rainy Manchester.

So in that sense, being away from home helped you focus?

Yes, I think putting myself into that situation gives me that drive. It helps me find the divine spark to create.

So I laid all this down while I was there, apart from the last one – Volume 34 – which I wrote in Spain and recorded back at home at Butterfly Music with Tim Walsh Jr (guitar) and Andrew Saunderson (bass). We got that done just before Butterfly shut down at the end of July.

It all came back to Manchester in the end, then. But you find sometimes more gets in the way at home?

It was all about putting myself in an environment where there’s no distractions. Like I said, I was disciplined about it. There was no one knocking on my door to get me out and falling around the street. Not that there’s anything wrong with falling around the street. I enjoy that!

You’ve worked in that region of Spain a few times. Apart from the solace, is there anything else that draws you to the area?

Light was a reference point I’d been working with a lot. I’d been reading up on why Van Gough and other artists would all head down to southern Spain for the change in light. But it was that routine of getting up every morning that was the most important thing, and it wasn’t warm there at that time of year either!

And once it’s done, I like to just let it go, so I’m lucky to have some good people around me who help me to get it out there. It’s hard getting stuff out on your own. So thanks for chatting about it with me!

Our pleasure, until next time…

Volume 27 by Robert Paul Corless is available to download now from Bandcamp.