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Robert Fripp discusses experimental new King Crimson documentary


It raised a few eyebrows when Robert Fripp said that he hoped to learn more about King Crimson via the forthcoming documentary given that he was, in fact, in the band himself. It wasn’t like he was, as his late friend David Bowie might have put it, out of his gaud either. 

Nevertheless, Fripp has asserted in a recent interview with The Guardian, that he hoped to avoid usual boring rock-doc tropes with the new In the Court of the Crimson King movie premiering at SXSW festival this week. 

 “For me, this was ideal. I thought, ‘Here is an independent filmmaker with his own attitude who will come in and show me aspects of King Crimson that I’m perhaps unaware of,” Fripp opined.

The humble guitar God then added that he hoped the documentary would “remove this preposterous notion that Robert Fripp is King Crimson.” And that it would help to reveal the secret of the prog-rock band even to Fripp himself.

Veteran musical filmmaker Toby Aimes is behind the project, and he asserted: “It’s not that you’ve got a tyrant telling you what to do,” the director said of Fripp. “It’s that you have somebody who is giving you the opportunity to be your own personal tyrant.”

Continuing: “I think that it would be possible to drive yourself mad in that space, especially when you’ve got someone like Robert, who is clearly willing to make great personal sacrifices in the service of their work.”

The documentary is due for release later this year and if reports from SXSW are to be believed then fans won’t be disappointed.