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Robert Englund reveals he still has nightmares about 'Nightmare on Elm Street'


Nightmare on Elm Street tried its darndest to induce insomnia among a legion of unsuspecting youngsters when the cutlery-fingered night bastard Freddie Krueger threatened to beset their slumber with death dreams. 

However, things backfired on Freddie himself as Robert Englund, the man behind the mask, ended up hoisted by his own petard and still suffers nightmares as a result of the role to this day.

As the star revealed in a recent Guardian interview when recalling the make-up routine: “I had a little tiny honeywagon about the size of a urinal, with a Formica table, a plastic chair and a mirror with lightbulbs around it — the classic backstage makeup room.”

Adding: “The lights were on a dimmer. I had them turned down low when I was taking a nap at about 4am, with my head resting on a tightly rolled towel so I wouldn’t smear my makeup. I was waiting to be called on set and heard this banging on the door.”

Concluding: “As I sat up, I saw this disfigured face looking back at me in the mirror. The shock made me jump out of my skin. I brought my hand up and I realized: ‘Oh my God, it’s my own reflection!’ But it was such a startling moment that it still inhabits a variety of nightmares.”

Was it all worth it for one of the most iconic horror movie characters of all time? Ask Englund’s bank balance.

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