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Robert Eggers claims his films are "antithetical" to Marvel

Robert Eggers has emerged as one of the most popular arthouse filmmakers of his generation, having created some of the greatest films of the last decade with The Witch and The Lighthouse. He is back with a brand new Viking epic called The Northman but according to the filmmaker, he did not have final cut for the project.

“I knew when I gave the script to the studio that I was not going to have final cut on this movie,” Eggers said in an interview. “And that was a risk I was willing to take. The studio took a big risk on letting somebody made two sensationalist arthouse movies to make a big fucking Viking movie single-camera with all of his heads of departments.”

According to Eggers, the production process was a painful one but he is fine with the studio using their analytical skills. “I’ve said that the post process was the painful process of my life, and that is a fucking fact, OK? But it was also needed. I think if I’d had total control and was left alone, I’d be in a really bad position right now in the marketplace,” Eggers added.

In the same interview, the director also claimed that the kind of films he has made and his artistic vision is exactly the opposite of the formulaic products released by Marvel every year. However, the director noted that the market is dominated by those kinds of films while original works of art continue to find it difficult to find a sizeable audience.

Eggers declared: “I’ve only done self-generated work. I understand how fortunate I am to be in that situation. People have come to me with stuff. Even though I didn’t have final cut, we went into this knowing it was a Robert Eggers movie, and all of what that’s going to be. I don’t see how that could be beneficial on a movie where I’m a director for hire. Everything I’m at doing is antithetical to making a Marvel movie.”

Watch the new trailer for The Northman below.