Robert John Downey Jr, actor, producer singer, general weed smoking rebel.

He might well have been Hollywood’s single highest-paid actor, his films may well have grossed over $5.8 billion in North America and $14.4 billion internationally, he may well be the second-highest-grossing box-office actor of all time, but he’s no different to the rest of us, really.

Robert John Downey Jr’s decade-long role as Tony Stark in Iron Man and the Marvel Cinematic Universe has led us to believe he is untouchable, a man with strength like no other. In truth though, the mask has dropped, Downey Jr is nothing but a mere mortal like you and I, sneaking around theme parks to smoke a joint.

In a new interview, Downey Jr. took the opportunity to allow himself to release a light piece of Disneyland guilt that he has been carrying around with for years. “Here’s a bit of trivia for you,” he began in his interview with EW. “The very first time I went to Disneyland I was transported to another place — within moments of being arrested. I was brought to a surprisingly friendly processing center, given a strict warning, and returned to, if memory serves, one very disappointed group chaperone.

“I’ve been sitting on that shame for a while and I‘m just going to release it here tonight.”

In what seems like a moment of confession, Robert Downey Jr. added: “I would like to make amends to whoever had to detain me for smoking pot in a gondola without a license. And I don’t wanna further confuse the issue by insinuating that pot smoking licenses for the gondola are in any way obtainable.”


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