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From The Eagles to Rod Stewart: Robert Carlyle's favourite songs

Robert Carlyle has been immortalised in film history for his incredible performance as Begbie in Trainspotting, the iconic film by Danny Boyle which has become an indispensable part of popular culture. A true icon of the 1990s, Carlyle has made several interesting additions to his filmography including The Full Monty and 28 Days Later.

In recent years, Carlyle has moved towards the domain of television and has starred in many series such as Once Upon a Time and Cobra among others. He has also done voice acting for several video games but these projects are definitely minor compared to what Carlyle achieved in the ’90s through his iconic roles.

Thankfully, it was reported that Carlyle is set to reprise the role of Begbie in a spin-off television series that will focus on the character. Based on Irvine Welsh’s The Blade Artist, the new show will explore the personal life of Begbie who has adopted a new name and is living in California as a married man with two daughters.

In addition to being influenced by playwrights such as Arthur Miller as well as filmmakers and actors, music played a huge role in the artistic development of Carlyle. While talking about some of his formative years in an interview, the actor cited some of the songs that he will always cherish and the ones he cannot stand.

Talking about ‘The Last Waltz’ by Engelbert Humperdinck, Carlyle recalled: “I remember my dad wandering round the house singing this song when I was young. I used it in my film The Legend Of Barney Thomson because there’s a scene set at Glasgow Barrowland Ballroom, which is where my dad used to hang out.”

He also expressed his love for Hotel California by The Eagles, the first album he ever bought by winning a competition on a radio show. Furthermore, Carlyle revealed that Frankie Miller’s ‘Caledonia’ always reminds him of home and leaves him with a lump in his throat due to the emotional force. Carlyle has also decided on a funeral song for himself as well, going with Rod Stewart’s ‘Maggie May’.

Among the songs that he hates the most, Carlyle named ‘Lucille’ by Kenny Rogers because he had to listen to it on repeat while working at a supermarket as a teenager. Carlyle complained: “If I ever fucking hear this song again, I think it might send me crazy. It’s a horrendous dirge of a song, man.” He also expressed his earnest desire to delete Pharrell Williams’ ‘Happy’ from existence.

Robert Carlyle’s favourite songs:

  1. Engelbert Humperdinck – ‘The Last Waltz’
  2. The Eagles – ‘Hotel California’
  3. Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel – ‘Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me)’
  4. The Chemical Brothers – ‘Hey Boy Hey Girl’
  5. Frankie Miller – ‘Caledonia’
  6. Rod Stewart – ‘Maggie May’

Stream the playlist below.