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(Credit: Rob Savage Instagram)


Rob Savage set to direct a brand new Stephen King movie adaptation

After the enormous success of his pandemic horror flick Host, Rob Savage is about to join a long line of filmmakers by adapting a Stephen King story for the big screen. With the effective thrills of Host gripping audiences across the world, many Stephen King fans are excited to see what Savage can do with such powerful source material.

In an interview, Savage claimed that Host was a product of the lockdowns brought on by the pandemic: “I was trying to find a way to make people feel unsafe in their homes, you know? We were being told that outside is scary and inside is safe – that’s a great challenge for a horror filmmaker then to come up and say no, you think that’s safe? It’s not at all!”.

Adding, “I always talk about the best, scariest horror movies that stay with you; they are horror movies that take a safe domestic space and pervert it it some way, like Nightmare on Elm Street – the place you’re meant to feel safe is wrapped up in your quilts, and that’s the site of the danger. I’m always trying to think of that as a jumping-off point – where do we feel safe and how can we fuck that up?”.

Savage’s next project is an adaptation of King’s 1973 short story called The Boogeyman, featuring the bizarre story of a man who consults a psychiatrist after the murder of his children. To make matters worse, the man is convinced that there is a mysterious creature under the beds of his children who terrorised them.

The adaptation was being handled by Scott Beck and Bryan Woods who wrote the script for the film. Woods explained: “We’ve got a script that we’re super excited about. I think development is kind of growing and changing and evolving, but it’s been … I don’t know. It was a really fun project.”

Beck added: “You always have to get your script, basically, blessed by Stephen King once you basically have a draft, and he gave the thumbs up on that. We’re not sure … with the Disney and Fox merger, that’s the only big hiccup and we’re off in pre-production land on our next movie. But, outside of that, yeah. We’re hoping, fingers crossed, that that movie can see the light of day sooner than later.”

However, the draft that is being currently accepted has been penned by Mark Heyman with Savage expected to alter the script according to his wishes. While the details about the production aren’t confirmed yet, the film is expected to be released via Hulu/Disney+ Star.

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