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Riz Ahmed calls Nationality and Borders Bill "racist and immoral"

A new UK citizenship bill called the Nationality and Borders Bill has become a huge part of the political discourse right now because of its wide-ranging implications. Many have spoken out against the bill due to the sociopolitical consequences of its implementation, including Riz Ahmed who criticised the bill for being “racist and immoral”.

According to the latest reports, the new bill gives the government the power to eliminate someone’s citizenship status without even informing them. Although Home Secretary Priti Patel has claimed it would only be used under “exceptional circumstances” against national security threats, activists are extremely sceptical.

Protests have broken out against the new bill because people fear that the government could use it to target and displace ethnic minorities for minor crimes. It is a human rights violation to leave an individual without a nationality so this bill will mostly be aimed at those who have dual citizenship and ones with parents from different countries.

While addressing the bill, Ahmed said: “I just found out the UK government are trying to pass a law right now… that means they can take away my passport whenever they feel like it. Not just me, but anyone who can claim heritage in another country… It’s crazy. It’s wrong and it’s racist. And we need to make some noise and let them know that this is not OK.”

Elaborating on his opinions, he added: “It’s really expensive, impractical, unworkable, it’s immoral. We are one of the richest democracies in the world. And on some weird colonial tip, we’re going to try and pay countries that have less resources and more refugees to do our duty for us instead of doing our part.”

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