RIP Sam Simon: Comedy, Charity and Kindness


Sam Simon’s contribution to the world of comedy, television and charity is undeniable and as Simon sadly lost his battle with cancer last night the world this morning mourns one of the good guys.

Simon’s devotion to the early career of The Simpsons has never been in doubt first being an intrinsic part of the set up in the first four series Simon has been credited with the initial creation of classic characters Chief Wiggum, Mr. Burns and Dr. Hibbert whilst also ensuring the rhythm of the show.

“He insisted that the show be created using some conventional sitcom techniques like having writers work collectively,” writes The New York Times‘ William Yardley. “He had the voice actors read their parts as an ensemble, with the goal of giving the show more lifelike rhythm and timing. And he hired many of the show’s first writers, a number of whom gave him credit for informing its multilayered sensibility, one that skewers pieties with anarchic humor and sometimes vulgarity while celebrating family and community.”

The Simpsons also provided a candid swipe at celebrity culture as Hollywood’s elite queued to be roasted by Springfield our favourite has to be The Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

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Simon retained his Executive Producer credit throughout and used the vast fortune he made from one of the world’s favourite TV shows to pursue philanthropy. Donating much of his millions to different organisation he then revealed in 2013 he would leave nearly all of the ‘yellow money’ to The Sam Simon Foundation after he passed.

I don’t think there are many people alive today who don’t have either a favourite episode or character in The Simpsons. So we thought, as a tribute to Sam Simon and his great work which made us ‘appreciate’ as only adults do, we would show one piece of footage which made us all beam with big toothy smiles as children completely captivated by the idea of ‘Doing the Bart-man’.

Go on. Take 6 minutes out of your day and live like a kid again.

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Jack Whatley