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(Credit: Takahiro Kyono)


Ringo Starr names his favourite drumming on The Beatles


The Beatles drummer, Ringo Starr, has revealed his favourite drumming moments during a recent conversation and gone back on his earlier assertions, picking out a new song from the Fab Four as his favourite.

The drummer is promoting his new book Ringo Rocks: 30 Years of the All Starrs, which aims to chronicle a career like no other. Following Starr’s unique supergroup as they travel the world. In a new interview, Starr has picked out ‘Paperback Writer’ and ‘Rain’ as two of his favourite drumming moments.

Speaking with Yahoo Entertainment, Starr was asked to list his favourite moments behind the kit: “I used to say ‘Rain’ because I felt ‘Rain’ – that was another character playing drums itself,” confirmed Starr.

“The way I play, I’m more of there’s breaks and tom-toms, and [‘Rain’] was all on the snare. So I used to say that. That drove people mad,” confirmed Starr of the 1966 standalone single.

Starr went on to say: “‘Let It Be’ – not bad. I mean, ‘Paperback Writer’ rocks. The crazy thing is, when the ‘Let It Be’ [reissue] came out, the remaster, they have this new [surround sound] system, Atmos, and we went to England for it.

“And Paul [McCartney] and I were in this crowd of people listening, and I said, ‘I’m too busy on this record!’ I told him it was too busy. You know, these are just thoughts that go through my head.”

After being asked for more examples, Starr refused to offer up any more songs saying that his new role as a frontman has restricted him and he was “holding back even more than I did in the Beatles.” The drummer continued, “Because if you’re singing, you don’t need me to be doing drum solos! And that’s how I’ve always played. I’ve never done a drum solo.”

Listen to ‘Paperback Writer’ below and get a glimpse of why Ringo Starr was such a fan.