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(Credit: HBO)


Richard Lewis makes a surprise return in ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ season 11


It’s great news for him and it’s great news for us, Richard Lewis looks set to make his return to Curb Your Enthusiasm. It seems as though he will make an appearance in one episode of the HBO show in season 11.

“Great news for me!” Lewis tweeted. “Although I’m still recovering from three surgeries and missing Season 11 of Curb, LD [Larry David] called me and asked if there was any chance if I felt strong enough to do one episode! I am and here I’m on the set to shoot it. I’m so grateful.”

Previously Lewis had to withdraw from the season due to health reasons, as he previously wrote: “What a ride, LD! I love you, buddy. Tragically, these past 18 months I’ve endured a back and two shoulder surgeries and not able to be in #curbyourenthusiasm for season 11. I’ll be watching…⁦HBO.”

At the time of the withdrawal, he spoke to Variety magazine to express his disappointment, “For 20 years, I had the greatest comedy gig I could have ever imagined with my oldest and dearest friend LD,” he said.

Later adding, “Honestly, I’m crushed that I won’t be part of this season. For sure, I will be screaming with all the other ‘Curb’ fans when the new season starts. Hope to be there for Season 12!”

Details on his appearance are as yet unclear, but many Curb fans will be as glad as Lewis himself to see him return to the set. 

As of yet no release date for the season has been announced, but with pre-production dating back to June 2020 and filming underway, it shouldn’t be too long before it makes its return.