(Credit: Chris Saunders)

Richard Hawley releases new song 'My Little Treasures'


Richard Hawley has released ‘My Little Treasures’, the second song to be made available from his forthcoming album, Further

The track finds Hawley at his most sentimental and romantic, based on the deep personal experience of encountering two of his father’s oldest friends following the latter’s death in 2007, and the complexities of emotions associated with that time.

“The song’s about true love and loyalty. It’s easy to dismiss those small, almost molecular moments in our lives, but in those moments people show you their heart, and that’s so important,” says Hawley.

Filmed in a park in Hawley’s beloved Sheffield, the accompanying visual has a Super 8 home movie quality. It is a salute to Hawley’s two dogs and walking companions, both of whom have cameras attached to them. It’s the extensive walks with his four-legged friends, in woods near his home, that inspire many of Hawley’s songwriting ideas.

The song also happens to be the centrepiece of Hawley’s successful musical ‘Standing At The Sky’s Edge’, which recently finished its sold out run at the Sheffield Crucible Theatre. Featuring 20 Hawley songs, including three from the new album, the musical chronicles the life of three families who live on the city’s Park Hill estate across three generations. It is a local story that covers global issues.

Hawley said the musical is an attempt “to get a sort of history of postwar Britain through the housing that they built and how that affected people” before adding that the housing situation on the estate was “like a planner’s dream when it started off – this miracle solution to slums and obviously the desperate need for housing after the war because Britain suffered so much heavy bombing”.

Director Hastie added the musical “provokes a lot of feeling in the city. Looking out from my office window, I can see a huge edifice, one half of which has been redeveloped while the other half is still derelict and empty.”