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Rhye shares dreamy new track 'Come In Closer'

Rhye - 'Come In Closer'

Rhye has shared the dreamy new single, ‘Come In Closer’, accompanied by a video that he directed with his partner Genevieve Medow-Jenkins.

‘Come In Closer’ is the third track taken from the fourth studio album from Mike Milosh, known professionally as Rhye. Home is set to be released on January 22nd and sees the singer continue on this vein of melancholic pop that the singer has mastered over the last few records.

There’s mellow magic to the work of Rhye. Milosh’s voice is a calming tonic which offers a chasmic form of escapism that feels quite necessary right now and ‘Come In Closer’ is a reminder of not taking life’s important things for granted and offers a refreshing winter warmer.

According to a press release, the track looks at “as relationships deepen and you invite someone into your world, your life, your home, layers of appreciation, vulnerability, and patience reveal themselves.” Milosh then added: “My dad, a really sweet, gentle and inclusive guy, was into this idea of feeling something through playing just one note without a melody, that exchange of energy,” he said, before adding: “We would talk about how music doesn’t mean anything if you can’t make the listener feel it.”

‘Come In Closer’ is blissful from start to finish, the wistful beat and the song’s gorgeous strings section delicately complement Rhye’s somewhat monotone vocals. The video for the track also encapsulates the message perfectly and focuses on the love felt between siblings as they live out their version of utopia as they riding bikes through the woods and go for a dip in the Pacific Ocean.

Milosh explained the video: “Children naturally embody so many of these qualities, and for the video, I wanted to come in closer to the tiny worlds they inhabit, living without fear or inhibition, wild with the joy of simply being.”

‘Come In Closer’ is a delightfully relaxed way to ease yourself into a new week and a poignant reminder to take a step back momentarily to be grateful for the good things in life.