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Naked (On Drugs) - This Gift

Picking up from a similar ‘what the fuck is going on’ vein as their last release (‘Lee Ann’s Skin’) the latest from Naked (On Drugs) wastes no time pushing the boundaries of the experimental.

Today’s Track of the Day: ‘This Gift’ sets off with a combination of slap bass and synth drones and for just a few seconds starts to sound like an absolute throw-back to 80s sci-fi.

This illusion is short lived however when the vocals are dispatched. It’s a mash up of Joy Division’s ‘Glass’ and the Bad Seeds’ ‘Red Right Hand’.

Having listened to this a few times it’s not easy to decipher exactly what about this makes it sound so great but whatever it is we recommend checking them out at Beacons Festival this weekend if you want a sound that will really blow your mind.

Will De Nardo