Lovechilde Séance For St. Sebastian Doorway To The Cesspit


Lovechilde - Séance For St. Sebastian

Last month we brought you a taste of Lovechilde’s forthcoming album Doorway To The Cesspit in the form of ‘Ergot On Rye’. Now the twisted sound of the whacky, leftfield London experimentalists is back with latest track ‘Séance For St. Sebastian’

The noise-rock drone of ‘Séance For St. Sebastian’ is brutally unsettling but completely enthralling.  Vocalist Thomas Eliot Dodd croons eerie flat melodies that haunt your ears, as the London two-piece waste no time in truly pushing the boundaries of post-punk experimentalism.

With a music video promised shortly – set to feature ‘animation’ and ‘striking visuals’ one can’t help but wonder if this track will look as dark as it sounds.

Séance For St. Sebastian by Lovechilde

Will De Nardo