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Revealing images of 1960s Ireland surface online


The work of Elinor Wiltshire, a Limerick-born photographer who dedicated years of her creative career to depicting everyday life in Ireland, has now been made available online to explore in all their glory.

The Wiltshire Collection, which is made up of 1,000 negatives and 300 prints which were collected over a twenty-year period, provide an insight into life in Dublin in the swinging 60s.

Having founded the ‘Green Studios’ on St Stephen’s Green in 1951 alongside her husband, armed herself with a Rolleiflex camera with screen. Shooting from waist level, Wiltshire was able to capture a natural feel with her collection which resulted in a wonderfully natural style to her work.

In the 1990s, having spent a number of years living in London, Wiltshire donated her vast collection of negative collections to the National Library of Ireland’s Photographic Archive. What ensued was the supremely popular exhibition entitled “If Ever You Go to Dublin Town” and, subsequently, the images were printed in a book of the same name.

Now, Wiltshire’s work has been made available to view online. Here’s a selection of just some of the photographs which were published via Flashbak:

(All images via Flashbak)