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Resurfaced footage of Chris Rock, Louis CK and Ricky Gervais using the “N-word” draws fresh criticism

A clip from 2011 Chris Rock, Ricky Gervais, Jerry Seinfeld and Louis CK discussing the “N-word” has drawn refreshed criticism from fans.

The clip, taken from a special feature called ‘Talking Funny’ which aired seven years ago, has since gone viral.

The skit, which is unscripted, sees all four comedians discussing the “N-word” and how both Rock and CK use it in their stand up routines. At one point, Rock calls CK “the blackest white guy I know”.

Rock says, “he’s the blackest white guy I f–ing know,” before CK interrupts and responds “You’re saying I’m *****?” while laughing.

Rock responds: “Yes, you are the n*****est white man I have ever…’, as all four comedians begin to laugh. Seinfeld, clearly awkward and uncomfortable with the conversation, adds: “you’ve found the humour of it. I haven’t found it.”

Seinfeld adds: “Nor do I seek it.”

Gervais also uses the word as part of the show but only to explain the reasons why he would never use it as part of his act.

See the clip below. Obviously we’re warning you about the language used and some people may find it offensive.

The conversation about the “N-word” begins at about 15.20 and onwards:

The clip has since been raised widely debate but, largely, condemned. One of the most vocal, The Atlantic writer Jemele Hill took to Twitter to say: “It’s quite clear that even if Chris Rock wasn’t born, Gervais and Louis CK were going to be using the n-word. Black people never have and never will give white folks ‘permission’ to call us that. That’s the jig. We get blamed for their use of it like they ever need our approval,” she tweeted.