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Rent Boys - I Think...

At Far Out we like to try and provide more than just a review, often our musical lexis is laced with contemporary issues and contentious description, and amidst the dissection of the world’s latest, savvy song smiths and brilliant bands philosophical spiel is woven into a journalistic fabric that’s fibers already consist of political damnation and anarchistic ideals as after all music, to the one’s that truly use it, is more than just a sound spewed from amps, mics and speakers.

Today though we’re cutting to the chase, the Rent Boys with ‘I Think…’ features as our Track of the Day. Nowhere near enough has been said about this provocative, penetrative group from Leeds, maybe because the band don’t give a fuck what any of us pen pushers think though, we had a go at archiving their essence when they supported Eagulls at their recent album launch, but in all honesty, the Rent Boys a more than capable of speaking for themselves and they do, with I Think…

Now you’ve listened, go and watch live, you won’t regret and certainly won’t forget the occasion. Thank us after.

Joshua Hevicon